Circa 309-281 BC

                Æ (14.47 g, 21.5mm, 9).

      Obv: [no legend]
                Diademed head of Lysimachos right.
      Rev: ΛYΣI-MAXEΩN
                Lion leaping right; AP monogram below.
      Ref: Yağiz LIS Series A, 28; Lischine 1150–1; BMC 1;
                SNG Copenhagen 899.
      Pedig: Ex Pecunem 32 (7 June 2015), lot 57.

Notes: This is the only coin issue to feature the portrait of Lysimachos, and is relatively rare today (this coin is one of only three in CoinArchives). Although Yağiz dates this issue to the general 309-220 BC range he gives all the civic coinage, it is more likely that it was struck only during the lifetime of the king, as the Seleukids, under whose authority the city fell after Lysimachos' death, would probably not have allowed the portrait of their former enemy to be used in such a manner.

Circa 309-220 BC

                Æ (1.59 g, 12mm, 1).

      Obv: [no legend]
                Head of Herakles right, wearing lion's skin headdress.
      Rev: ΛY-ΣIMA
                Forepart of lion leaping right.
      Ref: Yağiz -; Lischine 1137; BMC -; SNG Copenhagen -;
                SNG Forbat 206.

Notes: This is probably the rarest issue of Lysimacheia; it is not represented in most collections, and no examples are in CoinArchives.