241-235 BC

                AR Drachm (3.27 g, 15mm, 6).

      Mint: Rome.
      Obv: Head of Mars right, wearing crested helmet.
      Rev: Bridled head of horse right; sickle to left, ROMA in relief below.
      Ref: Crawford 25/2; Sydenham 25; RSC 34a; HN Italy 298.
      Pedig: Ex Classical Numismatic Group 91 (19
                September 2012), lot 808.

Notes: This is the first drachm issued at Rome. It was part of a multidenominational issue that was struck following the First Punic War. This issue consisted of silver didrachms and drachms, and bronze litrai, all with the same obverse and reverse types, and was the third silver issue at Rome. The didrachms and litrai are relatively common today, but the drachms are very rare. In his 1989 article in AIIN, A. Burnett noted 27 examples, from 4 obverse and 4 reverse dies.